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These September pics by QConf lensman Steve Azzara, originally scheduled to be published on 9/13, were pulled due to the attacks of 9/11. We thought we'd share them with you now: (listed from top to bottom l. - r.): Destiny's Child; Michael Jackson & Elizabeth Taylor; Janet Jackson.

Knicks Bowl 3, the annual fundraiser to benefit the Red Holzman Knicks Cheering for Children Foundation: Olympic Gold Medal snowboarder Ross Powers and Knick Allan Houston Supermodel Bridget Hall and Knick Latrell Sprewell.

Non-New Yorker's Driver  Manual

“How to Drive in New York Like New Yorkers Do” is a rather witty article on the internet that gives driving tips to visitors to the eat-’em-alive big apple.

Rene Tubilleja’s first tip: “If you don’t really have to drive in New York, don’t. Get the professionals to do it for you—a cab, a car service—or at the very least, a friend or relative who is local.”

According to Tubilleja, New York drivers cutting people off is not a sign of rudeness. “If somebody cuts in front of you, don’t take it personally. That driver is just going for a ‘premium’ road space that is there for the taking (since you don’t seem to need it anyway). If you really wanted that space, there wouldn’t be any there right now,” he says is the New York mentality.

Unlike most Manhattan NYC guides and articles, Tubilleja extends his tips to Queens as illustrated with the following web exerpt: "Addresses are even easier to find in the outer boroughs. The address 101-78 260th Street is near 101st Ave. on 260th Street. The first number refers to the nearest cross street or avenue. The same holds true, for instance, to the address 85-40 Hillside Ave. which is located near 85th Street on Hillside Avenue."

Through his witticisms about New York and its locals, Tubilleja does give some important advice on the difference between driving in New York and driving elsewhere, including attitude and laws.

The article can be found at www.geocities.com/SoHo/5342/nydrive.htm

Rapper Strung Out

Hollis, Queens native rapper Ja Rule was part of the entourage of celebs who recently visited Germany to entertain U.S. troops supporting the war-effort in Afghanistan.

Rule along with bombshell actress/singer Jennifer Lopez and rap/metal maven Kid Rock performed for the troops in a two-and-a-half hour concert to help boost morale.

Although Rule’s performance went off without a hitch, Rock’s set was marred by the disappearance of his custom Gibson guitar with a special Stars n’ Stripes design.

The rocker/rapper reported the guitar was most likely stolen. And he is asking anyone with information leading to the return of the axe to call Atlantic Records at 212-707-2051.


 Health Risks

Students from Jamaica’s Gateway High School health sciences department will work with the State Department of Health, Assemblyman William Scarborough’s Task Force and the Brinkerhoff Action Association to conduct a follow-up to the State DOH’s cancer surveillance survey. 

Sources tell QConf that seniors, will perform the door-to-door leg work of seeing how many neighborhoods and individuals were affected by a closed and toxically contaminated well in Jamaica.

Some may wonder which is safer, high school kids going dood-to-door, or drinking the Jamaica well water?

 Red Light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3!

It's an old list but worth knowing. We haven't added any in a number of years. They give you no points on your license but subject you to a $50 fine and take cute little pictures of your vehicle. We, of course, are referring to those sneaky Orwellian red light spy cameras located throughout the City.  Here’s our current list of the spots where Big Brother is watching in Queens:

Queens Blvd. and 58th St. All directions
Queens Blvd. and Ascan Ave. All directions
Northern Blvd. and Douglaston Pkwy. westbound
Rockaway Pkwy. and Brookville Blvd. westbound
So. Conduit and 89th St. eastbound
Astoria Blvd. and Steinway St. eastbound
If you know of others please email us.

Family Fun: Plastic Surgery?

Talk about joint ventures.

There are so many things couples can do to get a sense of togetherness: play tennis, see a show, have plastic surgery. Wait a second.

According to Dr. Robert Kraft, billed as a "prominent NY plastic and reconstructive surgeon," team cosmetic surgery is "the vacation that lasts 15 years." "Most important, however," Kraft noted, "is the ‘lift’ or sense of renewal joint cosmetic surgery can provide in a relationship."

So, what’s hot for couples in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s and beyond?

In the 30’s, both male and female partner’s: eyelid and eye area surgeries and liposuction. Those in their 40’s go a bit farther and may opt for a full facelift. For couples aged 50 and beyond, combo procedures like a facelift and laser skin resurfacing are hot.

You can hear the bedtime banter now, "Honey, do you think we should go to Australia next year or have dual tummy tucks?"

Death Trivia?

Here’s a bit of trivia to try out on friends and family members. Who knows, it may show up on the "Millionaire" show someday.

Do you know who was the first president to be embalmed? (Do you care?)

Well, it was none other than Abraham Lincoln, according to the NYS Funeral Directors Association. The embalming process had been developed during the Civil War to preserve the bodies of officers killed in battle so they could be returned for burial. It was a good thing for Lincoln’s body as the President was honored with 12 separate funerals over a 20-day period traveling over 1,700 miles.

Want to impress them with another one?

What President left instructions that his body not be buried for at least three days after his death for fear of being interred alive?

Why, it was none other than the father of our country, George Washington, who exhibited a common fear of the time. Because the embalming process was not around at Washington’s 1799 death, his body was preserved for funeral rituals by placing it in Mount Vernon’s frigid drawing room.

Now, don’t you know a little bit more than you wanted to about the two American heroes whose births we just celebrated?


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