Restaurant Review

A Fast Food King With Many Choices

Crown Fried Chicken
Various Southeast Queens
Hillside Avenue & 182nd Street
Hours vary by location.
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Cuisine: American

With 17 independently-owned and operated franchises in Southeast Queens, Crown Fried Chicken is a serious contender in terms of a quality bite to eat on-the-go, and with 21 combo meals at the franchise on Hillside Avenue and 182nd Street, the eatery offers a variety of choices. 

Not only is there fried chicken, but there’s fried fish, shrimp, burgers, pizza, all sorts of sandwiches and heros, fries, mashed potatoes, onion rings and half a dozen kinds of ice cream for dessert.

Many of the franchises have other items on the menu, too, and some are so dedicated to their additional offerings that they have modified their names. 

At Hillside Avenue and 168th Street, shish kebabs and gyros are touted in a neon sign in the window. 

At 200 Beach 116 in Rockaway Park, the joint is called “Crown Fried Chicken and Donuts.” 

At 92-40C Guy R. Brewer Blvd. in Jamaica, call it “Crown Fried Chicken and Pizza.”

Crown Fried Chicken is also a bargain when it comes to prices. 

At 182-26 Hillside Ave., three pieces of fried chicken, two sides and a soda cost less than $5.  No single meal costs more than about $7, including the shrimp choices.

Large orders for families or parties, with 15 pieces of chicken or more, are also available. 

            Shams Tarek

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