Restaurant Review

All American Good Food

U.S.A Diner
243-03 Merrick Blvd., Rosedale

Hours: 7 Days, 24 Hours

Freedom to choose is one of the best things about the U.S.A. Diner in Rosedale where the full service restaurant offers dishes that exceed what most diners offer.

For breakfast, lunch or dinner, U.S.A. serves up pancakes and other items on the breakfast menu that is extended after the morning hours.

Steak, shrimp, hamburgers and french fries, mashed potatoes, salads, soups are all on this menu, as well.

The price is right too.

$12.99 is the topper for most lunch and dinner items, which will leave you with something extra for dessert.

As you enter, you can view some of the pastries at the counter which seats those who choose to eat alone.

The chocolate cake tastes as delectable as it looks. Otherwise try a piece of the pie.

Hot, delicious coffee, is always perculating, and is great any time of the day or night.

Not in the mood for caffeine, then sample a cocktail from the extensive list.

It’s a packed house whether I enter in the middle of the day, especially Sunday afternoons, or after 3 a.m. as partygoers returning home make their way in.

Although they do not serve vegetarian style cuisine, a turkey burger allows for a break from the fast food norm.

Waiters and waitresses are friendly and can tell you stories from their particular country, whether its in Latin America, Russia or Poland – making U.S.A. Diner a melting pot of culture, with actual food in the pot.

— Michelle Sellers

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